The Godforge

Except from the memoirs of Lucion Damakis

Commemorating that it will be a year since the Godforge came to an end in about two months. I wish you the best of fortune in your continued endeavours.


the GM

Excerpt from A Journey into Darkness: The memoires of a first officer by Lucion Damakis, published at Port Wander, 906.M41:

“My name is Lucion Damakis, first officer aboard Temperance and friend of Nayrah Meseret. This is my story.

I’ve always been a warrior. I grew up among my Navy warrior kin, on a ship called the Sentinel of Cadia. She was a solid ship, a Dauntless-class, like Temperance. Reliable, dependable, like her crew. Like Temperance’s crew.

In those years, I was taught how to fight and never yield, how to command and always follow orders. I also learnt how to eat, drink and love in the Sentinel’s embrace. I thank my family, my elders and my ancestors for the strength they gave me, for the sword in my hand, for the head on my shoulders, and the fire in my heart.

On my first commission I met the woman who was to change my life. Her name was Nayrah Meseret, a noble lady of a great dynasty. We saw the horrors of the Genestealer together, and we lived through it, in no small part due to her inspirational command and adamant will. She seems to truly care for the men under her command, unlike many other sad excuses for officers in the Navy. Her impetuous nature along with this natural quality got to me also, and I find myself entranced by her to this very day. So when she was called to serve her Rogue Trader uncle and asked if I would follow, I immediately agreed.

Since then we have come to face much hardship, but something in me stirs when I step onto that bridge. I have realised that out here, our choices somehow matter more. This far from civilisation and the Emperor’s light, we must keep our own course and shoulder our responsibilities with greater care. Our here we make an imprint upon the fabric of a sector, and by our deeds our names shall be hallowed or cursed by those who follow. I have come to place a great deal of trust in Nayrah, and in my companions. Even that shady devil who calls himself our seneschal I would give my life for, for we have fought back to back and come out all the stronger for it. We do not know much of the goal of our quest, but I feel that it must be important. I feel a fierce sense of some purpose, and I will not be denied. Destiny awaits us in the stars.

We must all wrestle with our burdens, and the lord-captain’s burden is perhaps the greatest of all. Her choices are hers and hers alone, and she cannot allow herself to be questioned, despite the lives at stake. In fact, that is precisely why she must not be questioned, although she must live with the consequences of her actions. I do not envy her that responsibility, but I trust in her strength more that she will ever realise. For all that she can be brash and impetuous, she brings us all one important necessity: Hope. For without it, we would surely be doomed. The hope she brings is the hope that a brightening sky brings to the mind haunted by the shadows of night. The hope of a new day, and that one will be able to soldier on, do right and to make amends for past sins. That is the hope that people like us sorely need in these trying times; the hope that for every time we fall down, we may yet rise again. In turn, I hope not to shame myself in her service, nor in her friendship.

By the grace of the Emperor, I will die before I see us fail. Such is my oath."


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