Temperance is an ancient ship of unknown origin. Mathias Meseret found her in a naval
scrapyard and salvaged her hull and had her repaired to join the Meseret dynasty’s fleet.

The lowest class of crewmen, bilge-scum operate and maintain the machinery in the bowels of Temperance, including the filtration pumps (hence the name bilge-scum). Most of them are indentured workers or criminals convicted by Imperial law.

Voidsmen of the low to middle ranks make up the majority of the crew and are responsible for the majority of the actual day-to-day running of the ship. They are used to hard physical labour but still technologically adept enough to conduct more advanced operations.

Techpriests are responsible for the maintenance of Temperance’s venerable drives and other complex technological systems. The also attend many of the systems on the bridge, including the all-important servitors.

Mono-tasked servitors are technologically enhanced, mind-wiped slaves with no sentience and only enough
programming to perform a given task. On Temperance, a great many systems are operated by an
immobile servitor attached by a mind impulse unit to the console it sits by, and much manual labour is carried out by servitors.

Above the regular voidsmen there are the officer class. Some of them are voidsmen who have
consistently proven their worth and been elevated to positions of command, often as crew chiefs
responsible for large segments of the crew. Others can be officers from Imperial Navy families and are often found on the bridge of the ship.
Bridge officer Lucion Damakis
Lucion Damakis served with Nayrah Meseret during her time in the Imperial Navy. He is a competent and loyal bridge officer with a solid grasp of tactics, who can be depended upon to keep calm in the face of danger. He acts as Nayrah Meseret’s First Officer.

Other important people
The navigator makes longer warp jumps possible through his ability to perceive the immaterium
through his third eye. Without the protection of the unique mutations of the navigator a human mind would be driven insane by exposure to the warp. The navigator spends most of his time in the navigator well on the bridge of Temperance. The navigator aboard is Eli Birken.
Without interstellar communication the Imperium could not exist, and this is made possible through the existence of astro-telepaths (more commonly called ‘astropaths’) whose powers enable them to send messages across the cold void of space. On board the Temperance are a handful of astropaths making up an astropathic choir capable of sending and receiving messages. The chief astropath is a gaunt, skeletal man called Menebius Chang. It is worth noting that the astropaths’ sanctum is made inviolable by Imperial law and any violence against astropaths is usually met with severe punishment by either the master of the ship or Imperial authorities (should they learn about it, that is).

Observation domes
Along the spine of Temperance lies several observation domes and between them is a windowed
walkway paned in the strongest diamond panes. This entire area is called the Valley of Light and is extremely useful for astronomical observation and also provides some relief from the claustrophobic conditions of void travel.
Hidden compartments
The bulkheads of the Temperance contain many small cargo holds and hidden passages of unknown
origin. A complicated layout makes the extent of the passages hard to map out completely and there is talk among the men that there are still areas left to discover. This is not terribly uncommon with Imperial ships as some have been in service for millennia and sometimes even longer, although Temperance is definitely unusual in the sheer quantity of hidden spaces.
Temperance’s belly is home to the lowers classes of voidsmen and here drinking compartments and even gambling halls can be found. Officers seldom venture here, instead keeping to the common rooms and informal drinking halls of the mid decks or the officers’ mess.
Modified drive
Although the Jovian class plasma drives of the Temperance appear quite standard at first glance, they are anything but. The drive is smaller than others of its type while allowing for a greater energy output. This results in the Temperance being faster than other light cruiser-grade ships. The engines would be of extreme interest to the Adeptus Mechanicus.


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